New single #youwantit is out now!

newvideo2The eternal dichotomy between good and evil, as seen by Diana Winter

After A better me, 'You want it' is the second single from the album Tender Hearted. 
The track's energy and quick rhythm are tically rock, but not without
her trademark elements of soul. It's the ironic story of a relationship
that has reached the end of the line, with its inevitable dichotomy
between wanting and not wanting, feelings and reason, fear and longing
for freedom. The Video is the result of the second collaboration with videoartist Arash Irandoust, where images from Flemish Baroque paintings, illustrations and
choreographies recreate an anachronistic, yet evergreen vision of good
and evil.

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Diana Winter is officially a project winner artist of the Tuscany Region contest 'Toscana100band', to help promote women's rights and violence against women associations through her benefit concerts.

Diana Winter e' un'artista vincitrice del bando della Regione Toscana 'Toscana100band' a favore di un'intensa attività live a scopo benefico per promuovere associazioni femminili e centri antiviolenza.

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A Better Me - la rinascita personale e artistica di Diana Winter

Un brano dal sapore internazionale e le suggestive animazioni dello stop motion per il primo singolo del nuovo album “Tender Hearted”

“A Better Me” è un brano autobiografico dal sapore folk/pop delicato, che racconta la storia della fine di rapporto di dipendenza psicologia e il riappropriarsi della propria identità, riscoprendo appunto ‘un sé migliore’.

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A better Me

'A Better Me' is an autobiographical track with a delicate folk/pop flavor that tells the story of how the author manages to reclaim her own identity after coming out of an addictive relationship, in fact discovering 'a better me'.

The track, which is at the same time intimate and dynamic, is entirely composed by the singer-songwriter, who also accompanies herself on the guitar together with a team of internationally famous musicians: Neil Black on the strings, Al Savik on the bass and Phil Gould (Level 42) on the drums, also collaborating on the lyrics. This production was overseen by Fabio Balestrieri.

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Tender Hearted

Un diario musicale dalle mille sfaccettature

Rock, pop, funk e soul tra delicate introspezioni e critica alla società

In uscita il 29 ottobre

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