Tender Hearted

"Tender-Hearted", Diana Winter's gutsy new cd, is a multi-faceted musical diary: Rock, Pop, Funk and Soul whether she's involved in  delicate introspection or taking on social issues. Coming out this  October 29

Singer-songwriter Diana Winter's new album entitled  "Tender-Hearted" comes out this October 29 in collaboration with Beta Produzioni, an Italian/British co-production, the result of a long process of elaboration marking a new stage of maturity in Diana's  career. Ten tracks continually shifting the focus of their themes,  characterized by diverse styles produced together with Fabio  Balestrieri, her faithful collaborator since her career began in 2007  with her first cd "Escapizm", and now her friend.
"Tender-Hearted"  alternates intimate autobiographical moments like the first single "A  Better Me" with grittier tracks that make you move (from the funk of  "Don't Want You Around" to the Rock of "My Name", one of the first songs  she ever wrote and  it hasn't lost any of its original power) with a  nod to more contemporary influences (the new Soul of "Show Me What  You've Got", with a reference to her first-hand TV talent show experience).
The acoustic sound of the ballad "April Lane" takes us  back into her private world with a vitality that Diana then turns to  social issues (from "Why Did You?" to "Get Out of My Head", where she gives her take on the absurdities of our recent Italian political situation. "Heavy on My Heart" immerses us in a cosy country atmosphere  with a dash of irony, while "Killers" and "You Want It" take possession  of the listeners, making them dance.
Thus, "Tender-Hearted" becomes a  multi-faceted work that caresses the ear while challenging the  listener, made even more intriguing by important international  collaborations (Phil Gould of Level 42, Neil Black, Rupert Brown and Al  Slavik). In a kind of artistic homage to the duality between the  delicate dimension beneath the surface and the communicative power of  her presence, this second album of the singer-songwriter is in fact entitled "Tender-Hearted".

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