Reviews Escapizm

“Diana Winter: a debut with a promise of new developments (...). It’s a sincere CD that is striking for the maturity of its songs: not only the lyrics, but also the way she sings them (the girl is only 22 years old) there’s an astounding self-assuredness in her, as if all she had ever done was make CDs”.


“There are CDs that you tire of quickly. Others enrapture you and open windows onto new worlds. Diana seems weaned on soul and jazz and she sings with an intensity that blows you away. Great background music for a special evening”.
(Natural Style)

“Winter approaches her debut album with the artistic maturity of a great singer-songwriter. Her voice is easy and rich, her guest performers are first class (...) an organic, inspired and well-thought out project, put together with sensitivity and competence.”

“The fact that it is well played is not saying enough about this CD (...). The world in which Diana moves is midway between folk pop and soul (...). Never ending tale has the freshness of springtime (...) Rain envelops like a cup of tea and a warm blanket.”
(Corriere della Sera)

“First of all, she’s a singer-songwriter; she writes her songs and then gives them colour with sophisticated arrangements and the warmth of her phrasing.”
(Il Giornale)

“She blends soul and pop with her class and top international musicians.”

“Escapizm” is a work of international depth (...), which doesn’t mean that it’s merely a seasonal pop product, but rather a CD that slowly takes hold of you because beyond the singles there’s more.A real revelation for sophisticated soul pop lovers.”
(La Repubblica)

“She plays soul and jazz, but with the extraordinary freshness of her 22 years.”

“Diana Winter is a singer-songwriter who thinks of music in terms of freshness. Fresh is her way of conceiving soul and jazz (...) as her debut album clearly proclaims.”
(La Nazione)

“And now Diana Winter makes her recording debut (...). The music of this florentine artist is sophisticated, but pleasant to the year.”

“The talent is there and the handful of songs she bestows on us are without a doubt enjoyable.”
(Alias de Il Manifesto)

“A “fresh” combination of soul and jazz for a debut album with an international flavour.”

“Kindred to the jazz spirit with a dash of soul is “Escapizm”, a remarkable debut.”
(Io Donna)

“Queen of italian refined music”
(Corriere della sera)

“A triumph”
(Il Mattino)

“ Her music is filled with feelings and emotions - flavoured with soft guitar sounds and a huge dynamic voice, a fascinating listening experience “
(Neuburger Rundschau)

“ (...) they illuminate U2's 'One', where miss Todrani sings a very high quality duet version with the other vocalist Diana Winter ”
(Il Tempo)

“ Superlative ”
(Wall Street Italia)

“Diana winter sings with her (...) -and when our voices entwine it's as if I hear my own voice doubled- says Giorgia, happy to have discovered a 'pearl' ”
(La Repubblica)