Reviews Tender Hearted (2015)

Diana Winter Tender HeartedLa Repubblica
«Wandering aimlessly is Winter’s non-committal philosophy these days, and she declares it proudly in her songs applying its “non-rules” throughout her album»

«It’s time for soul music to come back with Diana Winter’s skilled and energetic voice. Ten pop episodes in all, ranging between rock-flavoured whims, love for funk and painstaking production, which ought to be ranked in music charts»

TgCom 24 
«"A Better Me" is an autobiographical piece, delicately folk/pop flavoured, about psychological emancipation and the shaping of identity leading to the rediscovery of a ‘better self’»

«Diana Winter’s second album appears eight years after her debut and marks all the changes and experiences undergone by the Florentine singer on the Italian musical scene, including her collaboration with well-known artists and her participation in one of Italy’s most popular talent shows»
«Tender Hearted” alternates more reflective and self-exploring moments, like the opening single “A Better Me”, to gritty and involving pieces ranging from funky “Don’t Want You Around” to upbeat “My Name”. Her favourite song, however, is “April Lane” because, as she puts it, it tells about a journey into her past memories»

Marie Claire
«After her experiences on stage with Giorgia and at The Voice, here comes Diana Winter’s new masterpiece!
Outstanding voice, exquisitely sublime guitar, here’s the new work of one of the most interesting figures on the "indie" Italian musical scenario!»

«If we had to describe Diana Winter using only one word, it would definitely be: eclectic»

«A mature second album showing artistic confidence and love for music per se»

Il Popolo del Blues
In her second album Diana's music is shaped by various inspirations, like the English music of the 80s (it is not by chance that Phil Gould of Level 42 is guest of honour), punk-rivisited rock' n' roll, garage, northern soul.

The fact that Diana Winter not only sings beautifully in English but also plays, arranges and writes her own songs almost entirely by herself, with the collaboration of internationally famed artists, gives an idea of her stature as a musician who is destined to find the place she deserves on the foreign market, if not in her own country.

Artists & Bands
Ten very original songs, influenced by soul and funk, full of catchy ideas and pleasant to listen to again and again as they are refreshing and original, clearly stemming from of a lot of studio work.

A cd that hits the mark the very first time you listen to it. To us, one of the best albums released in Italy in 2015.

An album that will leave you speechless, don't miss it and you'll enjoy an exceedingly skilled singer whose precious songs mix inner fury to good old rock.

FreakOut Magazine
«A nice handful of feeling-charged minutes and wide-ranging ballads, the beat/pop of Why did you?, the Ciccone rock vein of Killers, Jackson’s funky ghost in My name or the stroboscopic soul of April lane well represent the glamorous female musical merchandise at stake here»

La Scena
«It becomes clear from the very first notes of “Better me” or “You want it” that this product is far more professional than its predecessor in terms of sound, arrangements and production»

OcaNera Rock
«Maybe “Tender Hearted” really is the best title to describe such a disc and singer-songwriter, apparently strong and belligerent but very, very tender-hearted deep inside»

«An album loaded with atmospheres that well explain the concept of “duality” recalled by the very title “Tender Hearted”, which represents at its best the dual personality of this singer-songwriter, apparently strong and aggressive outside but tender-hearted inside»

«The songs, artistic stature and voice are unquestionably good: what is left to do – perhaps – is to pick and follow the most suitable cue, find the right direction for a talent that is solid as much as unsure which steps to follow. Great job, for the moment. That’s all»

«Diana Winter has the rare and enviable capability of reaching into a situation and conveying it to the listener without unnecessary embellishments. Her talent deserves the best the international scene can offer and the national scene – often blind to merit - ought to give her»

«The eclectic style and content of this album are given a unique character by Diana Winter’s grit and talent»

Uragano Elettrico 
«Anyone looking for something new, or tired of drowning their feelings into tearful songs, or simply wishing to enjoy some good music ought to listen to this»

«An album brimming with experience, a soul revealing itself without shame, the knowledge of using her skills well; an admirable touch of elegance in this musical ocean so often lacking stable points of reference and lighthouses to aim for»

Duke (BluesCat Music BMI)
“Well, what’s not to like about Diana Winter? First, her voice goes from great to spectacular, her look is hot and she has a great vibe and attitude”